About Us

We made Provender because we believe in 3 ideas —

  1. Who delivers to the back door of a restaurant determines who walks in the front door. We’re part of a new era where clientele cares where their food comes from.
  2. We need a new way of going farm to fork, to keep more of the profits on-farm. Large and small farms alike can benefit from having a direct link to the end consumer.
  3. The better the communication is between chef and farmer, the better the system operates. Waste and re-sale are the enemy of farmers growing diverse crops. Diversity in the food system is key to a resilient future.

Provender works everyday to make these three ideas reality. Farms everywhere are welcoming a younger, newer generation of farmers, and Provender is dedicated to empowering this entrepreneurial new generation of "greenhorns".

Technology has a role to play in supporting farmers by linking supply and demand. We’re working to build a supply chain that works for both chefs and farmers.

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Want to help us build a new supply chain with technology? Drop us a line on our jobs page.

Technology is going to bring change to the most defunct and unjust system on earth- the one that feeds us. Starting now, Provender is leveraging the advances in technology and innovative connectivity to remake the path from farmer’s field to professional kitchen

Inspiried by technology, rooted in diversity, Provender is bringing delicious diversity to the tables of restaurants everywhere.